5 things you should know before getting a laser hair removal treatment

5 things you should know before getting a laser hair removal treatment

Hair removal could be a boring and painful factor to do. Especially if you have a quick hair progress fee, it may be tiring to take out the time for it. This is why laser hair removal is getting a lot of recognition as of late.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a treatment that principally destroys hair follicles. Unlike the opposite conventional strategies which principally contain pulling the hair out from the foundation, laser therapies are aimed toward stopping the hair from rising again.

Things to know before getting laser hair removal treatment

Before going for any treatment, it’s important that you do thorough analysis on it. Here are some things you should know before you go for the hair removal treatment.

1- Talk to your laser skilled about your medicines

If you are on some remedy, be it oral or topical, you’ll want to discuss to your dermatologist about it. Some medicines can intrude with the treatment course of. Moreover, some would possibly even make the pores and skin delicate and you would possibly get a burn.

After you inform your dermatologist about your medicines, he/she is going to alter your treatment accordingly.

2- Skip your skincare merchandise for the day

If you are utilizing any kind of skincare product, make sure that you skip them for the day. This is to keep away from any issues or issues like discoloration.

3- Avoid solar before you go for the process

Sun should be averted no less than one month before the process as a result of when you are tanned, the pores and skin pigment matches that of the hair follicle. This in flip makes it onerous for the laser to detect. This is why bleaching should be averted too.

4- Don’t wax your hair no less than 2 weeks before the treatment

If you need the treatment to work, the follicle should be current. Hence, don’t wax your hair for no less than 2 weeks before your treatment is scheduled.

5- Don’t anticipate a laser to utterly, completely take away hair

Laser hair removal treatment is principally executed to completely ‘reduce’ hair. However, one factor you should know is that regrowth does happen after your treatment. The new hair could be finer and lighter. This makes them tougher to detect visually.

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