7 Natural Diuretics To Beat Water Retention For A Healthier Lifestyle

Contributed by: Rachana Arya


Water or fluid retention, identified by the technical identify of oedema, is a standard well being situation that refers back to the build-up of extra water within the physique.

The additional water that’s saved within the tissue or between blood vessels tends to pool within the extremities (fingers, toes and decrease legs), inflicting swollen legs, ankles, arms, and ft, in addition to a “puffy” feeling.

Water retention within the physique can seem for a wide range of circumstances, together with severe underlying well being points usually deep vein thrombosis (DVT), kidney diseasefluid buildup inside your lungs (pulmonary oedema), and coronary heart failure.

Many folks, nonetheless, endure from average water retention on account of hormonal fluctuations, extra salt within the food regimen, drugs like contraception tablets or nutrient deficiencies, or simply being sedentary for prolonged durations of time, equivalent to on a protracted flight.

Symptoms of water retention

Symptoms of water retention can embody:

    • Abdominal bloating
    • Swelling in legs, ft, and ankles
    • Puffiness in face, stomach, and hips
    • Stiffness in joints
    • weight fluctuation
    • Indentations within the pores and skin

This article is for wholesome folks with modest water retention who want to scale back their water weight. If you have got severe edema swelling of your ft or arms seek the advice of your physician instantly.

Foods to incorporate in your food regimen to fight water retention


This humble fruit is nice for a lot greater than smoothies. Bananas are super-loaded with potassium, a mineral that helps to counteract ranges of sodium within the physique and enhance urine manufacturing.

This helps to flush out any additional salt hanging across the physique, inflicting water to stay trapped.

Moreover, they’re additionally excessive in vitamin B6, which is essential for the formation of purple blood cells and decreasing water retention in ladies with PMS.

complete nuts

Apart from being a beautiful wholesome work snack wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids for a wholesome mind, nuts are an excellent supply of vitamins, equivalent to magnesium and potassium, which has been associated to a discount in water retention in ladies with premenstrual syndrome( PMS).

Certain nuts, equivalent to walnuts, are additionally excessive in vitamin B6, which has been linked to a discount in PMS-related water retention.

Okra (Bhindi)

To keep away from water retention, attempt including okra to your subsequent soup, stew, or stir-fry.

This mild-tasting meals is particularly wealthy in magnesium and potassium, each of which assist in stopping extra water retention.


Carrots are believed to be some of the efficient diuretic meals.

This purifying and mineral-rich vegetable is excessive in biotin, potassium, and magnesium, which aids within the removing of extra water from the physique.


Potatoes and candy potatoes are additionally thought-about to be healthful greens that contribute to a discount in water retention.

Theyre excessive in vitamin B6 and potassium two very important minerals that assist scale back extra fluids within the physique.


Apart from being a splendidly aromatic winter root vegetable, fennel is a pure diuretic that may induce urine manufacturing within the physique and get the additional salts and fluids flushed out sooner.


Although this is not precisely meals, ingesting extra water can truly help in minimizing the consequences of water retention within the physique by serving to to empty the extra salt out.

A well-hydrated physique is much less prone to maintain on to fluid. So – how a lot water do you have to eat? Aim for a minimum of 2 to three liters of water per day.

last ideas

If you have got an excellent well being situation, easy way of life modifications might assist stimulate the elimination of fluids from the physique.

For starters, you may in the reduction of on meals which have a excessive degree of sodium or salt. Limit your consumption of refined carbs, so there’s not a lot glycogen in your system that should bind to water.

And interact in bodily exercise usually. Make staying hydrated a seamless a part of your routine.

If you have got water retention on account of an underlying well being situation or if in case you have sudden and extreme water retention, you must contact your physician for remedy of the illness itself.

Besides including these meals to your food regimen, you will need to additionally go for preventive diagnostic assessments to establish any potential problems and take measures to guard your total well-being.

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