American Women Now Account For 50.7% Of US Labor Force – Poll

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – twenty seventh September, 2022) Women within the United States have overtaken males relating to employment over the previous three years and now comprise barely greater than half of the faculty-educated work pressure, the Pew Research Center stated.

“Women have overtaken men and now account for more than half (50.7%) of the college-educated labor force in the United States,” the Pew Research middle stated in a press launch on Monday detailing evaluation of presidency information. “The change occurred in the fourth quarter of 2019 and remains the case today, even though the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a sharp recession and an overall decline in the size of the nation’s labor force.

Pew attributes the modifications within the composition of the US inhabitants, in addition to the modifications within the variety of individuals within the labor pressure, as contributing to the pattern, the discharge stated.

Research has proven that the variety of men and women within the labor pressure rely upon the dimensions of every group and the % of that group who’re working or looking for work, the discharge additionally stated.

“This shift in the college-educated labor force – as women now comprise a majority – comes around four decades after women surpassed men in the number of Americans earning a bachelor’s degree each year,” the discharge added.

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