Apple Patents Magic Keyboard with Integrated Mac Inside

Apple patents a magic keyboard that includes a Mac laptop inside its compact and slim physique. It envisions a Magic Keyboard designed with a full laptop inside that may plug into any show.

This new idea appears to rival a desktop laptop and a laptop computer. Users can transport the keyboard with out the necessity to carry a monitor, tower, or mouse. It is comprehensible that the keyboard could comprise a trackpad to keep away from the necessity to carry a mouse whereas travelling.

Apple Patents Magic Keyboard with Integrated Mac Inside

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It is basically a transportable desktop laptop in a magic keyboard format. Similar to the Mac mini, customers deliver their very own show to the setup. This could be a standalone system that wouldn’t even require any cords or cables.

In a number of the patent examples, the system contains an enclosure with a thermally conductive base. It might also embody a processing unit in thermal communication with the bottom. Apple will manufacture the keyboard in a approach that spreads the warmth all through its physique.

This patent was first filed in August 2020 and printed this week by the U.S. Patent Office.

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Source: 9to5mac


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