Areeba Habib Points Out A Major Flaw In Angna’s Editing

Areeba Habib is seen nowadays in Angna on ARY Digital. The drama boasts of an enormous solid together with names like Javed Sheikh, Atiqa Odho, Rabab Hashim, Azfar Rehman and Ali Abbas amongst others. The drama is getting good viewership owing to its very household oriented storyline.

One of the main actresses of the drama Areeba Habib identified a significant flaw within the drama in an interview. She shared that the drama was being written and shot on the similar time. This gave little or no time for submit manufacturing work and there was a significant flaw in edits. During the drama, Azfar Rehman who performed her on-screen husband dies. Areeba and Rabia Noreen who performed Azfar’s mom had been each capturing for a scene the place they had been informed that it was after a number of month’s of Azfar’s loss of life. Both the women wore their common jewelry and outfits for the scene. However, the scene was pasted proper after Azfar’s loss of life scene and it seemed significantly awkward.

This is the scene she was speaking about:


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