Cardi B Claims That Her Hair Care Routine Includes Boiled Onion Water. My Hair Gets A Shine

The “I Like It” singer, 29, posted a video of her present lengthy, flawless coiffure on Instagram on Friday, together with a caption explaining how she grows her hair utilizing water that has been cooked with onions.

She wrote within the submit’s caption, “My last two washes I’ve been cooking onions and using the water to wash my hair.” “Six years ago, when I first began my quest toward healthy hair development, I used to do this. Due to extreme laziness, I quit.”

“I find that it’s been adding a sheen to my hair,” she continued, “and it’s odorless.” Responses on the haircare recommendation have been usually unfavorable.

JL Bunny, a web based creator, wrote: “A media figure named Jerome Trammel said, “Yassss hair! My hair inspo for actual,” and added, “My hair! Aaliyah is getting her distinctive look from it!”

After attempting a comparable hack herself, one user expressed doubt about the onions being odorless. “I’ve to strive cooking the onions,” actress and screenwriter Juju Castaneda retorted. For a full year, whenever I had my hair straightened or blow-dried, it would smell like Sofrito since I had been juicing them for too much.

Owing to the vegetable’s “anti-inflammatory and antibacterial traits,” which might assist you in growing your hair or enhance its healthy look,” incorporating onion right into a haircare routine could also be advantageous.

Tiffany Young, a educated trichologist and the CEO of SkinnyHairThick, stated to Martha Stewart in March that onion juice “has the ability to activate hair follicles and consequently induce hair growth.”

“It has inherent antibacterial properties. There may be a benefit for hair loss brought on by inflammatory diseases, poor blood flow, and bad diet.” The Grammy-winning artist de-glammed beforehand this week to submit footage of her bare face and “mustache” on social media.


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