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Among all assisted being pregnant remedies, IVF is probably the most profitable possibility. In India, In Vitro Fertilization has proven promising outcomes, and yearly 2 to 2.5 lakh IVF cycles are executed within the nation which is predicted to succeed in5 to six lakh cycles in a few years. During an IVF process, a physician stimulates the expansion of a number of eggs and then these eggs are harvested for fertilization. In a managed exact course of, viable eggs are fertilized utilizing the companions (or donor) sperm. Then embryos develop via the method are evaluated for high quality. The most viable embryo is chosen and transferred to the uterus. If the process is successful, then the embryo attaches and develops right into a wholesome child. This is ideally how the method have to be, however not each IVF cycle is successful. Multiple IVF failure is a chance in some sufferers. Such failures are usually not solely costly but in addition take an emotional toll on the couple. If you could have confronted repeated IVF failure, you will need to perceive what may be the underlying situation inflicting the difficulty.

What Causes Multiple IVF Failures?

Before we focus on the explanation, you will need to perceive what categorizes as a number of IVF failure. When three or extra makes an attempt to create a profitable being pregnant fail after utilizing good high quality embryos, it’s termed as repeated IVF failure. It is a time period that’s used for each the conditions-when the person fails to change into pregnant and conditions during which being pregnant ends with early miscarriage.

There may be a number of causes for a number of IVF failures and not all of them may be attributed to the mom alone.

Lets take a better take a look at these causes.

Embryo Quality

A standard cause for IVF failure is embryo improvement points. If there are undiscovered defects and the embryo is transplanted into the uterus it’ll merely cease rising leading to miscarriage. This is why preimplantation genetic testing is obligatory to find whether or not the embryo is wholesome sufficient to develop earlier than implantation.

Age of the mom

Women over the age of 35 are at larger danger of IVF failure as with age the standard of eggs declines which can lead to poor high quality of the embryo. Biologically ladies are born with all of the eggs they may ever have and with age, the standard of eggs begins to decrease. This makes it more durable to reap eggs as ladies age nearer to menopause. According to research, ladies below 35 have a forty five% success charge of implantation, whereas ladies over the age of 40 sometimes see implantation success charge of about 15%.

Autoimmune problems

Around 10% of the inhabitants is discovered to be affected with autoimmune problems and ladies make as much as 80% of the phase. An autoimmune illness causes the immune system to assault wholesome tissues which destroy the wholesome cells and irritation within the area. Addisons illness, Hashimotos thyroiditis, sort 1 diabetes, celiac illness, and Lupus, all are types of autoimmune illness.

Women with some type of autoimmune illness can face a number of IVF failures as it may possibly trigger implantation failure. The drawback happens as such ailments are stealth till an issue arises. You should get examined for autoimmune antibodies at any IVF heart in Pune earlier than your IVF cycle begins.

Genetic points

Just like pure conception, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities may end up in being pregnant failure throughout IVF. As ladies age and the egg high quality lowers, the danger of chromosomal abnormalities begins to rise. By the mid-40s, such abnormalities rise to a whopping 75%. The identical occurs with a mans sperm as he ages.

To keep away from a number of IVF failures, docs do preimplantation genetic screening or testing to detect any chromosomal abnormalities earlier than implantation can happen. In case, you decline preimplantation genetic screening it’s possible you’ll expertise a number of IVF failures. This is why you have to not overlook the potential of chromosome abnormalities of their embryo.


As life-style decisions could cause an issue with a pure being pregnant, the identical can occur with IVF-assisted being pregnant. Lifestyle decisions equivalent to smoking, alcohol, poor diet, unhealthy physique weight, and so forth. can immediately influence the success of the IVF cycle. According to research, ladies who smoke are at larger danger of miscarriage throughout IVF. Also, such ladies want twice as many IVF cycles for a profitable being pregnant.

What options can be found?

It is just not unusual to undergo a number of IVF cycles earlier than you obtain success. Most ladies see successful charge of 25-30% per cycle. It implies that solely 3 out of 10 ladies get pregnant after the primary IVF cycle.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get pregnant efficiently after 2-3 cycles, nevertheless it does require you to think about the potential of a number of IVF failures and search the proper plan of action. A top quality IVF heart in Pune can have amenities for preimplantation genetic testing which is a vital step to rule out any genetic causes for IVF failure.

Gestational surrogacy is a viable possibility to beat recurrent implantation failure. In the process, the moms eggs are fertilized with the fathers sperms in a lab and then viable embryo(s) is transferred into the uterus of a gestational surrogate.

Another chance is the IUI or Intrauterine Insemination treatment. In this process, the sperm from the companion or donor is immediately positioned within the uterus utilizing a speculum.

Multiple IVF failure is just not the top of the highway for aspiring dad and mom. It is only a roadblock that may be handled. Discuss your possibility together with your physician to know the trigger and treatment viable for you.

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