Chinas UN Envoy Defends N. Korea Sanctions Veto, Says US Policy Shift Led To Crisis

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – twenty seventh May, 2022) Chinese Ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun fired again at his American counterpart’s criticism of Bejing vetoing a US-sponsored Security Council decision to tighten sanctions on North Korea, and blamed the state of affairs on adjustments in Washington’s strategy.

Earlier within the day, Russia and China throughout a UN Security Council assembly vetoed a US-sponsored decision that was designed to sanction North Korea over its latest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches. China had argued that the decision would solely make the state of affairs worse.

“China’s position is independently self determined, and it doesn’t have to be aligned with that of the United States,” Zhang stated on Thursday throughout a UN Security Council assembly on North Korea. “Such alignment is not required in the council rules of procedure. China’s voting position is based on our assessment as to whether a proposal contributes to a solution whether it helps maintain international and regional peace and security.”

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield accused China and Russia of refusing to cooperate with the UN Security Council to handle North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ICBM packages, claiming that their veto emboldens Pyongyang’s actions and sends message to different proliferators that they’ll act with impunity.

The envoy additionally instructed that Biden administration coverage adjustments in direction of North Korea have helped gas the disaster.

“The way the US approaches the Korean Peninsula is going through a change.

These changes are the very factors that have led to today’s complex situation,” the envoy stated.

Zhang stated China rejects his US counterpart’s accusations as a result of they haven’t any grounds. China has been a accountable member of this UN Security Council and has helped the United States facilitate larger cooperation inside the council, he stated.

“The reason why today’s draft resolution failed to pass is very clear,” Zhang stated. “It is not China’s fault at all. If the US had accepted the proposals of China and some other members of this council, this situation could have easily been avoided. In fact, perhaps some people wanted nothing but this situation based on cynical intentions.”

Moreover, Zhang stated the Biden administration seems to be altering the way it approaches the difficulty on the Korean peninsula with its Indo-Pacific Strategy, which appears to be a key issue to the present complicated state of affairs.

Zhang additional added that if some persons are making different plans deep all the way down to unfold the flames of conflict to Northeast Asia and the Korean peninsula, then China would haven’t any alternative however to take stern and agency initiatives to defend the soundness of the Korean Peninsula and the Asia Pacific.

North Korea test-launched three ballistic missiles this week towards the Sea of Japan, all from from the Sunan space in Pyongyang, hours after President Joe Biden concluded his journey to South Korea and Japan for conferences together with his counterparts to debate safety within the area and commerce.

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