Did dinosaurs have to deal with multiple enormous asteroids? Crater in West Africa hints sure.

A possible asteroid influence crater from the latter days of the dinosaurs has been found off the coast of West Africa, elevating questions on whether or not the asteroid that worn out the dinos could have had a smaller sibling that struck across the identical time.

The crater, hidden underneath about 3,000 ft (900 meters) of water and 1,300 ft (400 m) of sediment, hasn’t been straight studied but; it is solely been detected in reconstructions of the ocean mattress made utilizing seismic waves. To show past a shadow of a doubt that the crater is certainly from an asteroid, scientists will want to drill into the construction and discover minerals shocked by excessive warmth and strain. But the crater’s form does level to an extraterrestrial origin, mentioned David Kring, principal scientist on the Lunar and Planetary Institute who was not concerned in the present examine however was one of many discoverers of the Chicxulub influence website, the crater left by the asteroid that killed the nonavian dinosaurs about 66 million years in the past. 


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