Diminishing Traditional Education Shattering Societal Norms

Gone are the times when the ground mat and picket bench colleges within the public sector throughout Pakistan used to provide intellectuals, extremely certified officers and researchers for constructing a robust and affluent nation

By Dr. Saeed Ahmad Ali:
Gone are the times when the ‘floor mat’ and ‘wooden bench’ colleges within the public sector throughout Pakistan used to provide intellectuals, extremely certified officers and researchers for constructing a robust and affluent nation.

Till late eighties and early nineties, the federal government colleges in any respect main cities, cities and even ‘Taat’ colleges at villages have been busy in chiseling uncooked college students into artifices validly boasting for top of the range schooling for the scholars.

Renowned judges, bureaucrats, attorneys, poets, students, lecturers and different notables from totally different area of life had studied from these establishments and there was a well-educated and skilled pressure of countrymen to take it to new horizons.

Then the time got here when this missionary career was outsourced to the non-public sector that impressed by worldwide chains extra centered on numbers and grades on marks sheets than the coaching and character constructing of youth.

This development engulfed our noble traditions of respecting lecturers like mother and father and honoring the societal norms as syllabi was step by step modified minimizing the portion meant for instructing college students sturdy social and spiritual bonds.

“With the passage of time some ethical issues in learning and training have surfaced among the students and teachers at schools, including the issue of diversity stemming from students having different ethnic and social backgrounds,” remarked famous educationist and former principal of Government Islamia Postgraduate school, Irfan Zaidi advised APP that “Unfortunately we lagged behind in coping with challenges emerging on moral and ethical fronts with the passage of time,” he added regretting that incomes cash grew to become extra supreme than to deal with character constructing.

“Although the moral standards have deteriorated yet there is time for us to reform some worth noting issues through introducing good strategies, knowledge transfer, flexibility in curriculum development, continuous assessments of the students and best practices, across the board,” Zaidi advised.

In this context we are able to additionally not overlook the phenomenon of incomes cash by way of schooling as in latest many years the schooling turned to be a profitable enterprise like well being and actual property and our nice norms have been misplaced someplace within the mud oozing out of the unruly race of incomes an increasing number of cash.

The fundamental culprits for this phenomenon are appeared to be respective governments over the many years that would not preserve with native and worldwide challenges on this sector.

Talking of the previous glory of public colleges, well-known educationist and former headmaster at main colleges of Lahore, Mian Nazim Ali stated these colleges had remained exemplary in deliverance and ‘shaping ethical and moral characters of the scholars.’

“Just three decades back, there were the best institutions in the country busy in building strong character and transforming their students into ideal personalities, some of whom are even famous today,” he added.

Quoting instance of Central Model School Lahore, he stated, this college having golden traditions, delivered in qualitative and disciplined method producing students, jurists, educationists, bureaucrats, judges and lot of different notable.

This college has a novel historic constructing and now included within the listing of National Heritage of Pakistan.

In this regard he named former caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan, Malik Meraj Khalid, former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice (R) Nasim Hasan Shah, former Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, Chairman Pakistan cricket board (PCB), Ramiz Raja and variety of others.

“Strong character based on desirable moral values can heighten the values of our society exceedingly,” Nazim stated however regretted, “today, instead of building the moral aspects of the students, our institutions are more focusing on revenue generation.”

He stated even when these establishments declare to constructing character, it ought to mirror in day by day lifetime of our youth. “My question is simple; does our youth possess the same ethical values which their forefathers possessed. Of course not. Therefore, it is role of our present education institutions and teachers to ponder on deteriorating values like respect for parents, teachers and elders of society, patience and graceful talking, abiding by laws and rules and respect for women.”
He stated, “for me students’ disciplined character is important segment for creating a respectable society and this is shared responsibility of parents and teachers.”

The self-discipline that lacks at academic establishments can also be missing at house as mother and father most frequently bow right down to illogical calls for of their children. Children spoiled at properties because of weaker self-discipline of oldsters have an effect on general surroundings of academic establishment.

“Actually we have weakened the institution of mother. Today love for kids have overpowered discipline. This tendency at homes and institutions is gradually spoiling our social fabric,” remarked one other educationist Prof. Muzaffar Sultan.

“Strong character training by teachers based on desirable moral values can heighten our lives exceedingly. Therefore, we need a balance in our curricula to avoid effects of immoral European trends in our society,” he pleaded. “Gradual permeation of external norms to our institutions will spoil our norms and time is not far off when we shall be bidding adieu to our noble, religious, cultural and respected Eastern norms.”

“The central purpose of education should be to groom students’ whole-personalities according to our Islamic, societal and cultural values,” Prof. Muzaffar Sultan stated.

In entire of this situation and altering world schooling developments one can’t stay oblivious to newest researches and instructing strategies. The argument will not be merely towards the English medium or non-public sector establishments nevertheless it is a matter of character constructing, morality and ethics and general making ready a technology effectively outfitted to counter malicious conspiracies towards our motherland.

The duty of character constructing which our motherly in addition to schooling establishments owe immediately is way more than the previous to strongly promote noble habits of tolerance, truthfulness, righteousness and sense of duties to our households, lecturers and society as a complete.

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