Ed Harris Walks Tall on Criterion for Our Home Video Pick of the Week

Walker [Criterion Collection]

What is it? A loopy true story about the time an American was the dictator of Nicaragua.

Why see it? Some tales are too bonkers to imagine, and the topic of Alex Cox’s 1987 masterpiece is one such historic footnote. William Walker was an informed man turned mercenary in the nineteenth century whose transfer into Nicaragua noticed him take management of the nation for a number of months. He had American help, at first, however his antics revealed a extremely unstable man heading towards implosion. Ed Harris is a charismatic marvel right here headlining a terrific ensemble delivering a surprisingly artistic and humorous film. Cox takes an more and more anachronistic strategy making certain huge laughs and sly observations alongside the means. It’s a subversive gem, and the extras included on the new Criterion disc are full of extra perception and ideas. Pick this one up, folks!

[Extras: Commentary, documentary, featurette, short films]

The Best

American Flyers [Warner Archive]

What is it? Two brothers bond over bicycle racing and medical situations.

Why see it? The first of Warner Archive’s two Kevin Costner releases is a superb sports activities drama that manages some emotion and minor thrills alongside its race sequences. Costner performs older brother to David Grant, and the pair discover some compelling drama of their household dynamics and state of affairs. Rae Dawn Chong and Alexandra Paul be a part of as love pursuits and are given extra to do than anticipated. John Badham’s path is stable all through however shines throughout the race sequences which discover vitality and hazard alongside the scenic route.

[Extras: None]

Fandango [Warner Archive]

What is it? Five school graduates come of age in 1971.

Why see it? Warner Archive’s second Kevin Costner launch is his first function collaboration with director Kevin Reynolds (Waterworld, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves). It’s an affecting, humorous coming of age story set at the tail finish of the Vietnam War that follows 5 buddies on a street journey in direction of maturity. Costner performs the de facto chief of the group which incorporates Judd Nelson, and collectively they giggle, struggle, and uncover what’s actually necessary in life. Reynolds infuses the character piece with enjoyable beats together with some spectacular airplane/helicopter motion and an impromptu wedding ceremony. It’s a superb one a few easier time.

[Extras: None]

Oranges & Sunshine

What is it? A social employee discovers a stunning fact.

Why see it? Daily life is full of so many transgressions, huge and small, that many are sometimes allowed to fade into obscurity. This movie highlights one which calls for consideration — the UK authorities started a program in the late 40s transport “orphans” to Australia for a greater life, however many of the children have been advised their mother and father have been lifeless whereas the mother and father have been advised their youngster was in a superb house — however wasn’t publicly acknowledged till 2010. Upon arrival in Australia the youngsters entered foster care, and lots of have been abused at the arms of a non secular house. It’s a strong watch with a pair of robust supporting turns by Hugo Weaving and David Wenham.

[Extras: Featurette, interviews]

Robocop [4K UHD, Arrow Video]

What is it? Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop.

Why see it? Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 masterpiece targets company shenanigans in a world that’s continuously for sale (ie the actual world). A cop is gunned down, one of many, and the firm at the moment working Detroit’s police division turns him right into a cyborg product. Of course, you possibly can’t maintain a superb cop down, and shortly he’s rebelling in opposition to his masters whereas additionally concentrating on criminals left and proper. Big motion, huge laughs, and plenty of bloody squibs make for a fantastically entertaining satire that by no means will get outdated. Here’s hoping nobody ever tried to remake it.

[Extras: 4K restoration of theatrical and director’s cuts, commentaries, interviews, featurettes, deleted scenes]

Spider-Man: No Way Home

What is it? Never belief a magician.

Why see it? The third “standalone” Spider-Man movie below Marvel’s steering is arguably its greatest but regardless of a reasonably silly finale. The ending can’t tank the movie, although, as the film delivers actual coronary heart and emotional weight alongside the means. Doctor Strange tries to assist younger Peter and as an alternative units in movement a tousled chain of occasions by opening a rift into the metaverse. The spotlight right here is the arrival of two previous Spider-Men, and each convey laughs, depth, and wealthy character to the proceedings. The disc has the common generic extras typical of the MCU releases, however actually the film itself is price the pickup.

[Extras: Bloopers, featurettes]


What is it? A person jumps our bodies each twelve hours.

Why see it? South Korean style cinema is at all times price watching, and this latest gem is a superb instance why. A person wakes after a automotive crash, however it’s not his reflection in the mirror. Twelve hours later he jumps into one other physique, and so it goes as he finds himself in a race in opposition to time to find who he’s and why he’s leaping from individual to individual. Throw in some terrific motion sequences, and this turns into a terrifically entertaining watch delivering huge thrills, emotion, and philosophical observations.

[Extras: Featurette]

The Rest

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein [4K UHD, Arrow Video]

What is it? A scientist creates life with lethal penalties.

Why see it? The conceit right here was well-intentioned — give Mary Shelley the identical recognition afforded Bram Stoker — however the execution leaves lots to be desired. Kenneth Branagh stars and directs, and the movie is a stunning slog that appears like an exaggerated costume drama. The items don’t work, the casting is off (together with Robert De Niro’s flip as the monster), and we by no means actually really feel the meant epic nature of all of it. Arrow’s new 4K restoration is okay and retains the grain of the unique.

[Extras: New 4K restoration, commentary, interviews, documentary, featurette, 2K restoration of the very first screen adaptation of Frankenstein]

New Year’s Evil [KL Studio Classics]

What is it? A killer stalks Los Angeles throughout the countdown to New Year’s.

Why see it? As far as holiday-themed slashers go, this one makes good use of its vacation of alternative even when the ensuing movie is fairly normal. There are some partaking beats right here as the movie performs quick and free with its killer — somebody’s calling threats, another person is killing girls, and 80s stalwart Grant Cramer is performing all types of bizarre. It’s most likely performed a bit too simple for its personal good, however it’s an entertaining sufficient story for style followers as a handful of surprises and diversions maintain viewers on their toes till the finish.

[Extras: New 2K master, commentary, making of]

Tentacles [KL Studio Classics]

What is it? A large octopus terrorizes a coastal city.

Why see it? As far as Jaws knockoffs go, you actually can’t dismiss one which opens with a child in a stroller being the first sufferer. Director Ovidio Assonitis retains issues PG-rated, like its inspiration, and brings in the anticipated characters like an knowledgeable, officers who don’t hearken to warnings, and others. It’s foolish stuff with principally bland kills, however we get some thrilling sequences too as the octopus assaults boats. One shot displaying the aftermath of an assault throughout a race is fairly unbelievable. Add in a stellar Steve Cipriani rating, and also you’ve obtained a enjoyable time at the exploitation cinema.

[Extras: None]

Through the Decades 10 Film Collection: Eighties

What is it? Ten movies from the 80s!

Why see it? Mill Creek’s 4-disc set collects ten wholly unrelated movies from the 80s, and as you’d anticipate, some are higher than others. The highlights right here embrace Roxanne, The New Kids, Band of the Hand, Little Nikita, Suspect, and Blue Thunder. Less interesting are the likes of Like Father Like Son, Vice Versa — make it a physique swap double function! — Punchline, and Who’s Harry Crumb? This would lean in direction of a purchase advocate if the movies featured any extras, however they’re all barebones.

[Extras: None]

Through the Decades 10 Film Collection: Nineteen Nineties

What is it? Ten movies from the 90s!

Why see it? Like the launch above, Mill Creek’s assortment of ten arbitrary movies from the 90s comes on 4 discs and with zero extras. The good ones right here embrace White Palace, Donnie Brasco, The Freshman, Anaconda, and I Know What you Did Last Summer. The lesser titles are Housesitter, The Matchmaker, One True Thing, The Deep End of the Ocean, and The Devil’s Own.

[Extras: None]

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