Fantastic Sea Creatures Photographed Up Close and Personal

When sea angels hunt, they rework into monsters. The free-swimming slugs, lower than an inch lengthy, retailer six jellylike “arms” often known as buccal cones inside their heads (left). When they sense prey—for instance, a close-by sea butterfly—muscle tissues of their core contract, inflicting the arms to shoot out (proper) and seize the goal, in milliseconds. They may tear a sufferer’s physique out of its shell for simpler consumption. Credit: Alexander Semenov

Sea angels, telescope fish and blanket octopuses may be actual monsters

Credit: Danté Fenolio/Science Source


Reclusive telescopefish reside practically a mile beneath the ocean’s floor, the place they feed on bioluminescent creatures. They orient themselves vertically to pick the silhouettes of prey swimming overhead, then strike with their nasty jaws. Whenever they ingest a glowing meal, they danger lighting up from inside, broadcasting their location to their very own predators. To keep hidden at the hours of darkness waters, the fish have advanced an opaque abdomen that acts like a built-in blackout curtain after they’ve eaten.

Credit: Mike Bartick


A feminine blanket octopus unfurls her iridescent cape. Scientists suspect that the membranous webbing helps to discourage would-be predators by making the octopus seem bigger and extra intimidating. The feminine can develop to 6 toes lengthy and as much as 40,000 instances heavier than the male, which is smaller than a Ping Pong ball—some of the excessive intercourse variations within the animal kingdom.

Credit: Tui De Roy/Minden Pictures


King penguins nest in huge colonies—typically with tons of of 1000’s of birds—on sub-Antarctic islands. They don’t construct nests. Instead they preserve every egg heat on the highest of their toes. The males take the primary incubation shift, which might final for weeks, whereas the females enterprise to the ocean for a well-earned meal. Measuring about three toes tall, the kings are the second-largest of all penguins, eclipsed solely by the emperors.

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