FIA fails to find evidence of a ‘smear marketing campaign’ against Sana Javed

FIA fails to find evidence of a 'smear campaign' against Sana Javed

FIA has closed the case filed by Sana Javed against a number of individuals. The case was closed as they failed to find ‘evidence’ concerning the smear marketing campaign.

Models and make-up artists had opened up about actress Sana Javed’s impolite’s conduct. Multiple got here ahead to share their experiences of working with the Khaani star. After receiving a lot of flak on-line, Javed issued authorized notices against them. She claimed that there was a ‘smear campaign’ deliberate against her.

Recently, the top of FIA Sindh’s cybercrime wing, Imran Riaz revealed particulars concerning the case. He Tweeted that no ‘evidence’ was discovered with reference to the smear marketing campaign and therefore, the case has been closed. He wrote on this tweet, ‘The complaint filed by actress Sana Javed against her cyber defamation has been closed. The provided evidence was closely scrutinized by the legal team and the content found was about sharing of personal experiences of different coworkers while at work with Sana Javed.’

The tweets had been shared by make-up artists and fashions that Javed had named in her authorized discover. This included make-up artists like Omayr Waqar, Ikram Gohar, and extra.

Stylist Aneela Murtaza wrote, ‘What a kick,’ sharing the screenshot of his Tweet.

FIA fails to find evidence of a 'smear campaign' against Sana JavedFIA fails to find evidence of a 'smear campaign' against Sana Javed

After being accused of offensive conduct, Javed responded on her social media. She had mentioned that previously 72 hours she was subjected to ‘all sorts of lies, fabricated stories, bullying, hate speech, and threats.’

According to the put up, the authorized discover by Sana was despatched to three individuals. The listing included make-up artist Waqar, mannequin Manal Saleem, and stylist Murtaza. The authorized discover argued that it was a publicity stunt to enhance Manal Saleem’s following.

According to Sana Javed, it was a deliberate smear marketing campaign.

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