Gazing Into ‘The Void’: Lovecraftian Horror Done Right

Statistically, you’re extra more likely to die in a hospital than anyplace else. Especially if there’s an Eldrich abomination within the basement.

By Meg Shields · Published on September ninth, 2022

Welcome to The Queue — your every day distraction of curated video content material sourced from throughout the net. Today, we’re watching a video essay that appears on the 2016 horror movie ‘The Void.’

Contrary to well-liked perception, there are many glorious cosmic horror movies. What’s rarer are devoted variations of the work of HP Lovecraft, the American author greatest identified for his tales of Eldrich Gods too huge and horrible for the human consciousness to explain (however theypositivelyhad tentacles, we all know that a lot).

While associated, Lovecraftian horror and cosmic horror aren’t at all times the identical factor. Unlike the latter, the previous is extra within the flesh than the celebs. Other specifics outline Lovecraft’s explicit model of terror: partial, epistolary accounts of half-glimpsed monstrosities, noneuclidean geometry, forbidden information, and inhuman influences on humanity’s trajectory.

Lovecraftian horror is particular, and in that specificity, it completely isn’t for everybody. Even after you recover from the tentacles. One of the first obstacles to entry is that Lovecraftian horror has no real interest in explaining its insanity to you. Being confused is a part of the expertise. Both you and the characters may clamor for solutions, however you’re not going to get any. And that may (rightly so!) be a little bit of a dealbreaker for people.

This is only one very sick lady’s opinion, however the 2016 Canadian, crowd-sourced horror movie The Voidis likely one of the best Lovecraftian movies ever made. Created by Astron-6 (the madmen behindManborg, The Editor, andPsycho Goreman),The Void drops us in-media res into the endgame of a mysterious cult. They’ve arrange store within the basement of a rural hospital. And no matter they’re doing down there’s turning individuals into screaming lumps of pained flesh. The criticism that The Void‘s horrors feel incidental and lack context is both (1) valid; (2) kind of the whole point. It’s a Lovecraftian horror present informed from the sufferer’s incomplete and sometimes complicated perspective, and that’s exactly what makes it one of many closest movies to ever choose up what previous HP sauce was placing down.

Is {that a} cop-out? Yeah, sort of. Leaving issues incomplete and half-glimpsed was sort of Lovecraft’s complete deal. But why don’t you make up your individual thoughts with as we speak’s video essay:

Watch “Why is THE VOID So Weird & Messed Up?!”:

Who made this?

This video on the 80s nostalgia ofThe Void is byRyan Hollinger, a Northern Irish video essayist who focuses on horror movies. Hollingers evaluation normally takes the form of a private retrospective. Indulging in a wholesome dose of nostalgia, Hollingers movies are contagiously endearing, entertaining, and informative. You also can take a look at Hollingers podcast, The Carryout, on SoundCloud here. And you may subscribe to Hollingers YouTube accounthere.

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