How Hareem Farooq’s Life Changed After An Accident

Hareem Farooq is among the most cherished and and profitable Pakistani actress, producer and host who began her showbiz journey in 2013 and has achieved large success in a short while. Hareem Farooq was not too long ago noticed in GMP “Shan-e-Suhoor”.

Hareem Farooq whereas speaking a couple of main accident she confronted, talked about that “In the end of 2014, when I was shooting my first serial, I went through a major road accident. I was driving myself but my biggest mistake was that I was not wearing a seat belt due to which I broke my arm. It was raining and my car was fully crashed. As I had a minor head injury as well I got faint at that moment. The next six months after my accident were very painful as I faced a lot of difficulties because of my arm.”

How Hareem Farooq's Life Changed After An Accident

“A lot of things changed in my life after that accident. Especially the thing I realized was that we make a lot of plans on our own that we’ll do this and that but in reality you are unaware of what will happen next in your life. Allah is the only one who is planning and surely he’s the best of planners”, added Hareem.


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