How to change playlist names on Spotify

Playlist names differentiate one group of songs from one other. For instance, the playlist Seattle Road Trip 2022 will seemingly have a wholly totally different collection of songs from one other playlist titled Family Christmas 2021. Knowing how to change playlist names on Spotify is essential for each listener, no matter whether or not they subscribe to Spotify Premium or not .

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To change the identify of a Spotify playlist on Android or iOS, faucet Your Library from the toolbar alongside the underside. Find and open the playlist you need to edit, then press tea button beneath the playlist’s identify. Select edit playlist > sort within the new identify in your playlist > faucet Save.

To change the identify of a Spotify playlist on the desktop app or net participant, discover the playlist you need to rename on the left aspect of the person interface. Right-click it. ClickRename. Type within the new identify for the playlist, then press the Enter key on your keyboard.


Renaming playlists on Spotify (Android and iOS)

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  • In the Spotify cell app, find and open the playlist you need to change in Your Library.
  • Tap the button beneath the identify of the playlist.
  • Tap edit playlist.
  • Add a brand new identify in your playlist within the discipline beneath the quilt picture.
  • Tap Save.

Renaming playlists on Spotify (desktop and net participant)

change spotify playlist name Desktop

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Changing playlist names on the Spotify desktop app and net participant is very simple.

  • Open the Spotify desktop app or net participant.
  • Find the playlist that you really want to rename. This will likely be on the left aspect of the interface.
  • Right-click the identify of the playlist and chooseRename.
  • Type within the new identify for the playlist and click on the Enter key on your keyboard.

If you’re the one which created the collaborative playlist, which means you’re the proprietor, then sure. You can change all the songs inside the playlist and its identify, description, and picture. If you’re a collaborator on the playlist, then no. You can solely change songs inside the playlist.

What to identify your playlist on Spotify

Do you want some inspiration for what to name your playlist? We simply confirmed you ways to change your playlist identify on Spotify; nevertheless, in case you nonetheless want some assist concerning what to title your playlist, we have got you lined.

Does your playlist have a theme?

Spotify Playlist Custom Name 1

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When it comes to a great playlist identify, the very first thing you need to ask your self is why you created this playlist within the first place. Did you make this playlist for Christmas? Is it tied to a selected style, like digital music or different rock? When youve answered that query, you basically have the primary aspect of your playlist title.

After that, you want a straightforward descriptor to tie every thing collectively. Vibes, tunes, temper, picks, and, after all, playlist are amongst the most well-liked ending phrases when it comes to Spotify playlists.

Lets say I would like to make a playlist for Christmas. All Id have to do is take that thematic aspect, Christmas, and add vibes,cash,temper, picksgoldplaylist to the tip to have a great playlist identify. Christmas vibes, Christmas tunes, Christmas temper, Christmas picks, and Christmas playlist all work very effectively.

Does your playlist remind you of one thing humorous?

Spotify Playlist Custom Name 2

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If your playlist is supposed to be something however critical, then you might have considered trying to give you a humorous playlist identify. Puns, memes, and longer, extra particular phrases can all be used to arrange a giggle-worthy playlist identify.

What sorts of songs do you assume I’ve in my My Back, My Back! playlist?

What in case your playlist is unhappy?

Spotify Playlist Custom Name 3

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If your playlist doesnt incite sunshine and rainbows, you could want some concepts for correct unhappy playlist names. This goes for every kind of emotion-conjuring playlists, however you dont need to be too blatant about it.

Instead of going with one thing like Soundtrack to My Sadge, you could possibly step past and go together with one thing extra particular. If the songs youve chosen are tied to a very emptying occasion, like a breakup or somebody passing away, dont let that get misplaced with a generic playlist title. The chances are high you’ll all the time know what these songs imply when taken in context, so lean into that.

December 2, 2019 or whichever date that unhappy occasion occurred may very well be the playlist title. Or one thing which entails that individuals identify.

How about if my playlist makes me really feel like rapping?

Spotify Playlist Custom Name 4

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Rap-related Spotify playlist names are all over the place, and they’re fairly simple to give you.

If you want inspiration in your playlist identify, you’ve gotten to search for a lyric associated to your playlist. This may very well be a lyric inside one among your playlist songs or a lyric that describes your playlist. For instance, Moms Spaghetti is an ideal identify for an Eminem-themed playlist.


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