How to sync Google Calendar with your iPhone


To merge and sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone, go to your iPhone settings then Calendar–>Accounts. Select Google and register to your Google account when prompted. Toggle the Calendar to inexperienced, and the entire Google Calendar entries will then be synced over to your iPhone calendar.


How to sync a Google Calendar with iPhone

Start by going to your iPhones Settings, then Calendar.

ios settings calendar
ios calendar accounts

Assuming the Google account that the calendar is linked to will not be already right here, faucet Add Account.

ios accounts list
ios accounts options

Youll now be directed to a browser to sign-in securely to your Google account.

ios google signin
security google account

Once you will have signed into your Google account, go to it within the Accounts checklist on your iPhone. Make positive the Calendars possibility is toggled to inexperienced.

ios google account toggles

Your Google Calendar will now begin syncing and transferring your calendar entries over. From that time on, any adjustments you make on your iOS calendar might be instantly mirrored on your Google Calendar, and vice-versa. Its a two-way factor.

The draw back although is that, for some motive, iCloud doesnt sync over these Google Calendar settings to different iOS units you could have, akin to an iPad or a MacBook. If you additionally need your Google Calendar on these units, you have to to repeat the above course of on them.

How to handle which calendars are synced

If you will have a number of calendars added to your Google Calendar, then naturally they’re all going to be imported into iOS. But maybe you dont need or want to see all of them on your iPhone? If so, how do you conceal these calendars?

Go to your iPhone calendar, scroll to the underside, and faucet on Calendars.

ios calendar

You will now see a whole checklist of all of the calendars related with that Google account. They will all be ticked by default so merely faucet on those you dont need and the ticks will disappear. Those calendar entries will now disappear from your iPhone.

ios calendars


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