Is There Water on Mars? [Video]

The vibrant white area of this picture exhibits the icy cap that covers Mars’ south pole, composed of frozen water and frozen carbon dioxide. ESA’s Mars Express imaged this space of Mars on December 17, 2012, in infrared, inexperienced and blue mild, utilizing its High Resolution Stereo Camera. Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/Bill Dunford

Is there water on Mars? There positive is! It’s not precisely like water on Earth however Martian H20 can inform us so much in regards to the planet’s distant previous whereas doubtlessly aiding explorers sooner or later. Some of the water is even trapped inside rocks! Hear from Mars scientist Eva Scheller who helped make that discovery utilizing NASA knowledge.

The brief reply is sure. Now, we have now to consider, how can we truly outline water? It’s not fairly like on Earth, however it’s positively there. Water is a molecule that has one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. The ice on Mars is just a little bit totally different than on Earth.

On Earth, normally the ice is simply, you realize, water ice. But on Mars, it’s truly water ice and CO2 ice combined with one another. On Mars, it’s simply so chilly that it will get frozen, so that you even have these combined collectively each on the poles and beneath the floor as properly. We even have water within the environment as a water vapor. It’s a really small quantity, however it’s there.

We even have water within rocks. So, you may take into consideration rocks as kind of a stack of layers and generally there’s water trapped in between these layers. We’ve truly measured this with a variety of the totally different missions from NASA and that’s truly what I research. And the final state of potential state of water is, do we have now liquid water on Mars? The reply is we haven’t actually noticed it. We do see these darkish streaks on some hillsides that we name recurring slope lineae.

One thought is that these slope lineae could possibly be fashioned by the circulate of liquid water. But there’s additionally different concepts the place you truly don’t want liquid water to elucidate the formation of those darkish streaks. Maybe they might type by means of sand circulate or that form of factor.

So, is there water on Mars? Not fairly just like the oceans we all know on Earth, however it’s positively there.

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