It became known why filming was stopped because of Bill Murray, the media writes

‘Being Mortal’ filming halted as Murray let his arms unfastened, Page Six writes.
Saturday Day Night Live, The taking pictures of the 71-year-old” film was suspended last week after an objection was lodged against the actor alleging “extraordinarily problematic conduct.”
Two of Murray’s lawyers did not reply to questions, and a spokesman for “Being Mortal” at Fox Searchlight refused to remark.

It became understood that the filming of the film “Being Mortal” was stopped as Bill Murray dissolved his hands. Page Six writes about this, citing its sources.
The insider explained that the actor molested women – hugged, touched their hair, could pull the ponytail. This was done, the source of the publication assures, in a joking manner.
“A nice line. Everyone loves Bill. While his conduct shouldn’t be unlawful, some girls felt uncomfortable. So he crossed the line,” says a Page Six insider.

“Bill loves women and toys. He likes poems and fantasy, he flirts, but it is always dressed up in a comic form. It is not clear if he crossed the line,” Page Six quotes one other insider.

The different day, there have been stories in the media that the manufacturing of the movie “Being Mortal” was stopped because of a criticism about Murray’s inappropriate conduct. However, the actor has already had conflicts on the set. For instance, he had a falling out with Lew on the set of Charlie’s Angels (2000).

Richard Dreyfus’s son Ben stated that because of Murray on the set of the 1991 comedy “But what about Bob?” I needed to rent bodyguards. He needed an additional day without work, however producer Laura Ziskin refused. Bill allegedly “ripped off her glasses.” Dreyfus Sr. complained about the actor, and Murray threw an ashtray at him.


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