Josh Flagg, Who Is In A Relationship With Andrew Beyer, Is Considering Getting Married Again

The star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, who’s 37 years outdated, revealed in an unique new interview with Page Six that he’s already contemplating proposing to his companion and coworker Andrew Beyer, who’s 23 years outdated additionally works in actual property.

During the promotion of his new e book, The Deal: Secrets of Mastering the Art of Negotiation, he said: “I don’t think I would date anybody that I didn’t want to live the rest of my life with because that’s just otherwise biding time.

Flagg continues, “Recently, certainly one of my extraordinarily shut pals informed me they haven’t any plans to marry their fiance.” I’m like, Why have you been spending the last five years as a group? You don’t want to work together, do you? What are you holding out for exactly? What exactly is the point? You can’t be getting younger.

In April, just one month after Page Six revealed that the Bravolebrity was splitting his husband, Bobby Boyd, Flagg and Beyer made their relationship official on Insta.

Reflecting on his connection with Boyd, 36, who also specialized in residential estate and starred on MDLLA, Flagg tells us that in his prior relationship, everything was a conflict, and everything was, you know, competing with him. Boyd is also involved in the real estate industry.

Andrew’s attitude is basically, “I could not care much less.” I want nothing more than for you to be the most outstanding individual. Based on his behavior, my prior individual would infer [the reverse]. It didn’t matter what I did; people always said, “Oh, this was handed to you, this was that, you did not… set up your online business.” It was in no way nice.

Flagg claims that he makes each effort to keep away from Boyd’s firm, though the 2 have been capable of keep their separation cordial for probably the most half. We’re well mannered. I do not know, he says; it could be primarily based on the day of the week or his temper. The environment between us is pleasant.


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