Listen to the ‘sound’ of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede thanks to the Juno probe

You would suppose that the moons could be calm in contrast to their host planets, however that’s not totally true in case you can hear. NASA’s Juno mission principal investigator Scott Bolton produced an audio recording of magnetic area exercise round Jupiter Ganymede’s moon as the Juno spacecraft flew over June 7, 2021. The 50-second clip reveals an abrupt change in exercise as the probe entered a special half of Ganymede’s magnetosphere, presumably when he left the night time aspect to enter the daylight.

Sound originated from the motion of electrical and magnetic frequencies inside the audible vary. Jupiter’s magnetosphere dominates that of its moons and is current in the recording, however Ganymede is the solely moon in the photo voltaic system to have a magnetic area (probably due to its liquid iron core). This isn’t a feat that you possibly can replicate elsewhere in the close to future.

The soundtrack was half of a bigger Juno briefing the place the mission staff revealed the most detailed map to date of Jupiter’s magnetic area. The information confirmed how lengthy it could take for the Great Red Spot and the Equatorial Great Blue Spot to transfer round the planet (about 4.5 years and 350 years respectively). The outcomes additionally confirmed that east-west jets tear via the Great Blue Spot and that polar cyclones behave very like ocean eddies on Earth.

You will not hear these sounds in case you may go to Ganymede your self. However, they’re a reminder that even seemingly useless worlds are sometimes teeming with exercise you could spot utilizing the proper devices. It’s only a matter of how simple it’s to discover this exercise.

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