New and Noteworthy: What I Read This WeekVersion 174

Research of the Week

much less meat, more anxiety.

Breathing right is anti-viral.

Time restricted feeding increases locomotion.

BMI and mortality in the elderly.

Population and dietary changes in ancient Sicily.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Kitchen Podcast, Episode 27: Farming’s Future with Force of Nature Founders Robby and Taylor

Primal Health Coach Radio: John Berardi

Media, Schmedia

texas troopers face body composition requirements.

So entire milk is not allowed however strawberry milk is just fine (until it is Vegan Friday).

Interesting Blog Posts

Beware of “evidence-based” preschool.

Steak-based diet. What do you assume?

Social Notes

Funny how that works.

Fruit wants to be eaten.

Everything Else

How can you help?

Cheese is not like heroin.

Geologic disasters preserved by historical oral traditions.

Things Im Up to and Interested In

Interesting: Inflammation isn’t always a problem.

The extra issues change…: Great Atlantic article from the 1800s may have been written yesterday.

Interesting article: Time restricted eating “doesn’t work.” Will increase later.

Important situation: Do statins really work?

Troubled: Mysterious hepatitis on the rise in children.

Question I’m Asking

What’s the story of your life?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One 12 months in the past (Apr 16 Apr 22)

Comment of the Week

“That dog food study was, indeed, infuriating. The craziest part was that dogs eating a raw meat diet fared better than those on the vegan diet, but the researchers decided to conclude that the vegan diet was better anyway.”

– Absurd stuff, Karen.


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