Periods Getting Late Even When Youre Not Pregnant? Here’s Why!

Contributed by: Anjali Sharma


Worried about delayed intervals, particularly when you’re not pregnant?

There are a number of causes behind late or missed intervals aside from being pregnant. It may very well be a hormonal imbalance or a number of medical causes for missed intervals.

Many girls get wired once they expertise points like delayed intervals. But being pregnant isn’t the one motive for which a girl faces this case. As time passes by, your physique additionally transforms and with these transformations, the interval cycle can grow to be irregular.

Females who might not have reached menopause typically have a 28-day cycle which is a balanced menstrual cycle. On the opposite hand, it would final anyplace from 21 to 40 days in some instances.

If your interval doesn’t fall between these parameters, then it’s a matter of concern.

Here are some frequent causes behind your late or missed intervals aside from being pregnant:


Stress can simply dominate your interval cycle. Researchers have decided that as the extent of stress will increase the physique produces a hormone known as cortisol which induces stress hormones.

In response to emphasize, menstruation or interval cycle will get affected and generally it will get missed.

If you are beneath prolonged stress and missed a couple of interval, it’s best to take that signal critically and plan to go to the physician quickly.

Weight acquire or loss

Being underweight, obese, or experiencing sudden weight instabilities have an effect on your menstrual cycle.

Hormone ranges within the physique get affected by the fast weight modifications and this results in missed intervals or skipped intervals.

In the case of weight problems or weight acquire, the interval cycle is disturbed or will get heavy.

Women who expertise sudden weight reduction or are underweight can expertise late or no intervals. This generally occurs in aggressive athletes and ladies with critical consuming problems.


After being pregnant, girls undergo breastfeeding and it’s also a motive for no interval in any respect or rare intervals.

According to docs, after being pregnant for a while it’s regular to expertise interval cycle fluctuations or no interval in any respect.

Many girls misunderstand this case as a medical subject however it’s completely regular.

Regular intense exercise

Routine train is a superb life behavior that helps in protecting the physique and the system lively.

However, generally extreme and intense common exercise lowers the estrogen stage, which is a hormone that regulates the feminine reproductive system.

Many feminine athletes endure secondary amenorrhea, indicating they dont get a interval for not less than six months and even longer, on account of rigorous coaching and work.


If you have got began taking new drugs, then there are probabilities that you could be expertise unwanted side effects of it.

Irregular intervals are one of many unwanted side effects which are skilled once you begin taking some new medicines.

Some contraception strategies, akin to an IUD, implant or shot, might stop your intervals if you are them.


Pre-menopause is the preliminary stage of menopause. Women who’re about to enter the menopause section, expertise rare or late intervals. This is because of the lower within the stage of estrogen hormone.

While coming into this stage, you’ll have lighter, heavier, extra frequent, or les frequent intervals.


Thyroid illness impacts many ladies, and there are two sorts: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidismeach of which may disrupt your menstrual cycle.

Because the thyroid controls your physique’s metabolism, hormone ranges could also be impacted.

Thyroid issues are sometimes managed with medication. Your menstruation will probably revert to its normal cycle after remedy.

ultimate ideas

If you’ve got found that your menstrual cycle has been irregular just lately, or in case you’ve missed a interval however aren’t pregnant, it’s best to seek the advice of your physician instantly.

The sooner they’ll decide a analysis, the earlier you can begin engaged on regaining management of your cycle.

Women get disturbed once they expertise sudden missed, delayed or no intervals in any respect.

The above-mentioned causes will give readability on what might be the explanations behind your disturbed cycle.

After realizing the explanations you may take additional steps to treatment this case or go to a health care provider.

Also, ayurvedic medicines and herbs are a superb possibility which may significantly cut back the issue of missed and delayed intervals.

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