Pristina Hampers Work Of Hospitals In Serb-Populated Areas Of Kosovo – Hospital Director

BELGRADE (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 06th November, 2022) Kosovo authorities have been obstructing the vaccination of Serbian inhabitants through the COVID-19 pandemic and proceed to disrupt healthcare providers within the Serb-populated areas within the north of the breakaway province, director of the Clinical Hospital Center within the metropolis of North Kosovska Mitrovica in northern Kosovo, Zlatan Elek, stated on Sunday.

A gathering of Kosovo Serbs was held in North Kosovska Mitrovica earlier on Sunday; the town has been adorned with Serbian flags since Friday night time. On Saturday, representatives of the Kosovo Serbs determined to drag out of all buildings of the self-proclaimed republic together with the parliament, authorities, courts and police as a result of Pristina’s choice to take away the Serbian police chief for refusing to problem written warnings to native Serbs relating to automotive plates.

“The authorities in Pristina have been carrying out various kinds of terror against the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija for the last ten years, and especially for the last year. This is how it affects our health care: in the middle of the pandemic, when the Serbian government and President Aleksandar Vucic provided all types of vaccines for all citizens of Kosovo and Metohija, we were not allowed to get vaccinated in our clinics and we still wonder why,” Elek stated on the rally.

The hospital director famous that northern Kosovo ought to be provided with medicines and medical tools underneath the Brussels Agreement. However, no provides are literally delivered.

“Our medical vehicles are still being stopped, medical personnel are being intimidated, detainees are not taken to the police station in North Kosovska Mitrovica, but to the southern (Albanian) part; medication, medical equipment and supplies have been seized and have not been returned yet,” Elek stated.

Representatives of the training and judiciary spheres, the police, and lawmakers of the Serb List celebration additionally spoke on the gathering.

“Yesterday we resigned from our posts in the Kosovo ‘parliament,’ this is our personal decision and the continuation of the struggle of each of us for the respect of the international law, the Brussels Agreement, the struggle for peace and stability in this territory. We resigned with a clear conscience because for nine and a half years we tried everything we reached out for peace and built trust. Our lawmakers, judges and police officers resigned not because we got tired of fighting but because we do not want to be a cover-up for Kosovo institutions to continue violence against our people,” deputy chairman of the Serb List celebration stated.

Tensions between Belgrade and Pristine flared up in August. The Kosovar authorities have required that native Serbs re-register their automotive plates, demanding that they function the EU-commonplace letter code of RKS (Republic of Kosovo) as an alternative of KM, the Serbian identifier for the disputed area of Kosovska Mitrovica on the border. The deadline for the re-registration was pushed to October 31.

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