Qazi Wajid’s Unusual Request To Bushra Ansari For Marriage

Bushra Ansari is an incredible one who has been doing performing efficiently for a few years. She began performing and singing since her childhood and has garnered a superb identify. Bushra has beautiful pals within the business together with Behroze Sabzwari and Javed Sheikh.In latest interview with Waseem Badami, Behroze Sabzwari revealed a surprising story about Bushra Ansari and Javed Sheikh, he mentioned that after Qazi Wajid did efforts for Bushra Ansari and Javed Sheikh to get married. Behroze mentioned, “Well, on a serious note, nine years ago Qazi Wajid urged Bushra Ansari to tie the knot with Javed Sheik. They wanted them to marry, tell about it (said while looking at Bushra Ansari and Javed Sheikh)”.

Bushra Ansari additionally revealed, “I was separated but it wasn’t announced, friends knew about it, obviously, he also knew that and once and he said, ‘you and Javed both are single, you would look good with each other’, and I laughed on it and said he’s like my best buddy and I can’t marry him”. Bushra mentioned that she, then, known as Javed sheikh and so they each laughed out loud on his cute want however he did it as a superb gesture. Bushra then revealed that Qazi Wajid was critical to the extent that he urged her to name Javed Sheikh and invite him on her Eid get-together. Qazi Wajid's Unusual Request To Bushra Ansari For Marriage It is to be remembered that Bushra Ansari was separated again then and Javed Sheikh continues to be single after his divorces. Qazi Wajid's Unusual Request To Bushra Ansari For MarriageQazi Wajid's Unusual Request To Bushra Ansari For MarriageWhat do you guys take into consideration this fascinating story?


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