Shipping Activity At Port Qasim

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – twenty ninth Jun, 2022 ) :Five ships specifically, Silver Eburna, Maersk Kensington, MSC Mumbai, PS Venezia and Star Pisces carrying Palm oil, Containers, Furnace oil and Coal, berthed at Liquid Cargo Terminal, Qasim International Container Terminal, FOTCO Oil Terminal and Pakistan International Bulk Terminal respectively on Tuesday.

Meanwhile 5 extra ships, Onex Precious, Pvt Flora, EM Astoria, Southern Wolf and Methane Shirley Elesabeth carrying Mogas, Palm oil, Containers, Chemicals and LNG additionally arrived at outer anchorage of the port over the past 24 hour.

A complete of 09 ships have been engaged at PQA berths over the past 24 hours, out of them, a fuel service ‘Marangas Asclepius’ left the Port on Wednesday morning, whereas 04 extra ships, MaroMaro, African Puffin, Maersk Kensington and Arpehhio are anticipated to sail on as we speak within the afternoon.

Cargo throughput of 195,307 tonnes, comprising 171,932 tonnes imports cargo and 23,375 tonnes export cargo, together with containerized cargo carried in 4,371` Containers (2,996 TEUs Imports and 1,375 TEUs export) was dealt with on the port throughout final 24 hours.

There are 11 ships at Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim, out of them 04 ships, Methane Shirley Elesabeth, Southern Wolf, Happy Osprey and EM Astoria carrying LNG, Chemicals and Containers are anticipated to take berths at PGPCL, MW-1, EVTL and QICT on Wednesday.

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