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The Sussex Squad claims that Megxiteers are coordinated Nothing is extra nice than watching your enemies combat amongst themselves. While we dont watch the Sussex Squad as we’ve got higher issues to do, weve seen movies from individuals throughout the Megxiteer neighborhood whore monitoring the state of affairs. Weve additionally seen screenshots throughout Twitter.

What makes it so satisfying to see the Sussex Squad activate one another is their consideration has turned from these of us truthseekers. These persons are like hyenas combating over the past scrap of meat. When one thing inside their group isnt going to plan, theyll blame another person. We knew this infighting was going to occur. Its not the primary time, and it’ll not be the final.

So,the DuchAss of Montshitshowdid a tremendous video the place she spoke about how the Sussex Squad have been turning on Ellie Hall, the BuzzFeed journalist who wrote the hit piece of Yankee Wally and Samantha Markle. Be positive to go over and watch the video as a result of it’s an absolute delight. Also, remember to try one among our favourites,the Duchess of Narsussex, who did a video on Ellie Halls journalistic ethics.

Bot Man Has Receipts For Once, And Only One Person Defends Hall

We assume DuchAss of Monteshitshow talked about this in her video, nevertheless it seems thatthe fraudster bot manhas offered receipts to debunk Ellie Halls lies. She has allegedly claimed she had not been involved with Christopher Bouzy in months. According to his screenshots of their conversations, the final time they spoke was final month. Oh, and hes pissed as a result of she is getting the credit score for shutting down Yankee Wally and never utilizing him and his firm as a supply.

Not to say, Hall was making an attempt to cover that she hadnt used Bot Sentinel as a supply for her story.

So, to make it worse, a younger girl named Amanda, a large Sussex Squad member, has defended Ellie Hall. This has not gone too nicely with the Sussex fanbase. Theyre additionally whining that she [Hall] couldnt be trusted as a result of shes a white girl. If theyd gotten a black journalist to do their soiled work, they wouldnt be combating amongst themselves.

When Megxiteers Fight Back

Upon phrase of Yankee Wallys YouTube channel being shut down, some jumped and started a petition.As of writing, the petition has over 2k signatures. Also,SueMe and KeepNYCMegaTrashFreebegan a marketing campaign to assist fund authorized prices for any YouTuber throughout the Megxiteer neighborhood who may get sued by the Sussexes. Be positive to verify them out!

Finally, we wish to give a shoutout to our pal Sue Smith who has had her YouTube channel terminated. Well have a put up up about this quickly.

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