This little penguin can waddle easily again thanks to his custom-made boots

Lucas, a San Diego Zoo penguin with a power situation known as “bumblefoot” that makes strolling painful, can now waddle and hop with ease again thanks to a brand new pair of orthopedic boots. 

“‘Bumblefoot’ is a word we use for pododermatitis in birds,” that means irritation of the pores and skin of the foot, Dr. Beth Bicknese, senior veterinarian on the San Diego Zoo, stated in a video interview shared by the zoo. Birds do not construct up calluses on their toes as successfully as mammals do, and this leaves their toes weak to the situation. A analysis of bumblefoot “usually means the animal has either a skeletal or neurological problem and they’re bearing weight inappropriately,” Bicknese stated, and in time, this can trigger abscesses to kind on the toes and lead to critical infections, and even sepsis, a life-threatening inflammatory response. 


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