UPDATE – Air Raid Alerts Sound In Several Ukrainian Regions, Including Kiev – Reports

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – twenty second October, 2022) Air raid warnings had been issued in a number of Ukrainian areas late on Friday night time, together with the capital Kiev, Ukrainian media report.

The alerts had been introduced within the Ukrainian areas of Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and the Ukraine-controlled a part of Zaporizhzhia, in accordance with Ukrainian information portal Strana.ua.

Air raid sirens additionally sounded in Kiev late on Friday night time, the town administration mentioned on Telegram.

Power outages had been reported within the metropolis of Kiev and within the area late on Friday night time, in accordance with Ukrainian media experiences.

Precision strikes in opposition to Ukrainian infrastructure have been carried out by Russia since October 10 (two days after the terrorist assault on the Crimean Bridge).

On Friday, Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galushchenko mentioned that Russian strikes in opposition to Ukraine’s infrastructure had affected at the least half of the nation’s thermal vitality technology capability.

Russian President Vladimir Putin informed Russia’s Security Council on October 10 that Russia had launched retaliatory strikes utilizing precision-guided weapons in opposition to Ukrainian infrastructure, in response to the crimes dedicated by Kiev in opposition to the Russian civilian infrastructure. Putin condemned the bombing of the Kerch Strait Bridge, often known as the Crimean Bridge, that happened on October 8, saying that such a terror act can’t be left with out retaliation.

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