‘Wes Craven Presents: They’ Works Best for One Kind of Horror Fan

Robert Harmons They (2002) is also referred to as Wes Craven Presents They on the poster and trailers, however solely referenced as soon as as such in the long run credit.

Why does this matter? The Craven title was the primary motive many went to see it.

We get an amazing opening, with a baby actor uttering the phrases, But Mom(scary whisper) they arrive for me when it’s darkish. The opening scene is sensational and faucets into our childhood fears.

The story picks up 19 Years Later, as we meet Julia, performed by Laura Regan. Shes afraid of the darkish and meets a gaggle of likeminded younger adults.

It goes again to the one thing Ive been telling college students in my horror movies lessons for years: its by no means actually a worry of the darkish, however a worry of what is likely to be in the dead of night with you.

In this case, the they of the title are slithering, insect-like beasties that devour their victims. On the opposite hand, we by no means get a great have a look at them, because the screenplay, written by Brendan Hood, retains the menace imprecise most of the way in which.

It works.

Apparently IT (2017) allowed everybody to overtly admit that they’re afraid of clowns. This, alternatively, is one of the most effective movies Ive ever seen about being afraid of the darkish. However, if youre not afraid of the darkish and by no means have been, then it will play twice as foolish because it already does.

An hour in, a personality says, This is ridiculous. Actually, by that time, it’s well beyond ridiculous.

As a horror movie about being afraid of the darkish, its higher than the same, out-at-around-the same-time Darkness Falls, Boogeyman and Darkness.

Made within the age of PG-13 horror, the place depth dominated however violence was both deleted or eclipsed in pixels, They is one thing of a sleeper. A handful of scenes will assure a severe case of the creeps.


Regans profession didnt take off after They performed in theaters, however I actually like her on this. Interestingly sufficient, Regan later performed Agatha the psychic within the TV sequence primarily based on Minority Report (the function was performed by Samantha Morton within the movie).

It helps that Ethan Embry and scream queen Jodelle Ferland is on this, too, although the appearing is on the service of the temper and visuals.

Craven could have been the bait to lure mainstream horror followers, however longtime style buffs acknowledged the director, as Harmons The Hitcher (1986), his directorial debut, has by no means misplaced its capacity to disturb.

Harmon is outstanding at temper and environment. They was his second horror movie (in between got here the 1993 Van Damme stretch, Nowhere to Run).

Harmon is at the moment a favourite of Tom Selleck, as he collaborated with the actor in Ike: Countdown to D-Day, eight Jesse Stone TV motion pictures and 20 episodes of Blue Bloods.

They reportedly skilled a tortured post-production interval, as was the case with many Dimension and Miramax movies of the period. The few that keep in mind “They” doubtless recall the way it (like Soul Survivors and too many others) had studies of lower scenes and alternate variations. It helps that the beautiful visuals preserve their energy, as a result of we by no means get a transparent have a look at the monster(s).

Of the movies that had Cravens title on them however had no enter from the director, that is higher than Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000, Wishmaster, Feast and Carnival of Souls.

They doesnt maintain up when you flip all of the lights in the home on however, whereas youre watching it, alone in the dead of night, its scary and nightmarish.

Its additionally humorless, with a sluggish midsection, loaded with exposition however no actual clarification. It has the darkish gloss of an Adrian Lyne film however wanted the brilliance and focus of Lynes Jacobs Ladder (1990) to completely salvage it.

They is logic-free and solely to be taken severely like a dream described upon waking. Yet, its additionally jolting and intense sufficient to work on the extent of a campfire scare story.

Theres a swimming pool scene that tries onerous however cant compete with Cat People (both model). Likewise, the trapped-in-a-subway station is properly accomplished however less than the one in Jacobs Ladder.

By the third act, it performs like a Nightmare on Elm St. sequel with out Freddy Krueger, however, as an alternative, an unknown, insect-like menace. Thankfully, the wilder They will get, the higher.

FAST FACT: The “Wes Craven” label had combined outcomes on the field workplace. “They” earned $12 million in 2002, whereas “Dracula 2000” introduced in $33 million. “Wishmaster” generated $15 million in 1997.

This explores how psychological sickness generally is a shared trait amongst siblings and the way our childhood fears dont at all times depart us, which is heavy fodder for a teen horror movie.

In truth, are the creatures plaguing Julia imprecise as a result of theyre extra the phantoms plaguing her thoughts through lack of sleep? Reports from the troubled manufacturing counsel the monsters had a wealthy backstory that didnt make the ultimate lower.

There had been reportedly a number of endings shot (together with one which reportedly mimicked the conclusion of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) however the one they went with was clearly the strongest. In truth, that final scene is sudden, merciless and highly effective.

They doesnt fizzle out, it ends with a knockout capper and punchline. As nightmares go, that is akin to that feeling the place you recognize youre protected whenever you get up, however shudder as you recell the main points to these prepared to hear.

They could not linger within the daytime however in the dead of night of our goals, its fairly scary.


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