Who Knew About Anakin And Padm’s Relationship?

Anakin and Padms secret relationship is Romeo and Juliet in nature The secret marriage between the Chosen One and the previous Queen of Naboo was most likely the galaxys worst stored secret. Only a choose few folks had been within the know of the connection, however it’s evident to those that knew the couple individually. From a secret Sith Lord to an inquisitive Padawan, we clarify who grew to become conscious of the connection.

Padms household on Naboo weren’t within the know as they believed that she died along with her unborn baby, therefore not figuring out about Luke and Leia.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Knows About Secret As Anakin Is Easy To Read

Lets start with an apparent one. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a number of issues, however silly will not be a type of flaws. If theres one one that knew Anakin, its him. From the second they reunited with Padm, the attraction between the 2 was breathtakingly apparent.

Despite Obi-Wans warnings, Anakin marries Padm upon the offset of the Clone Wars. He would see extra indicators that the attraction was a lot greater than he knew all through the struggle. Nevertheless, he remained silent as he didnt need to evoke Skywalkers wrath and are available throughout as hypocritical on account of his previous with Satine Kryze.

Upon Anakins fall to the Dark Side, Obi-Wan took it upon himself to inform Padm. As he goes to depart, he questions if Skywalker is the daddy. The senators silence offers him his reply.

Ahsoka Tano

Outside of her friendship with Anakin, Ahsoka turns into shut buddies with Padm through the struggle. The two come to share a sisterhood in the identical manner Skywalker and Kenobi did with their brotherhood. Unfortunately, nonetheless, she didnt get the identical luxurious of seeing the senator recurrently.

Padm took Ahsoka beneath her wing and didnt assume twice about it. She didnt see {the teenager} as annoying as different politicians would have. Amidala loved Ahsokas firm and noticed her as a chunk of Anakin.

During an unnamed mission that was initially supposed for less than Anakin and Padm, Obi-Wan sends Ahsoka alongside as a 3rd wheel. Despite Skywalkers annoyance, they accomplished the duty with Tano seeing issues she shouldnt have concerning her Master and Padms affections for one another.

Afterwards, Ahsoka subtlety tells Padm she is aware of concerning the relationship, promising to not say something.

Sheev Palpatine

One person who nobody anticipated to know concerning the secret relationship is Sheev Palpatine. So sure, the key Sith Lord Darth Sidious was conscious of the wedding. However, it’s unclear how he is aware of in Canon because the Legends rationalization had Quarsh Panaka inform him, and the Chancellor used that data to his benefit.

He exposes himself because the Sith Lord to Anakin, telling him that he’s the possibility he has to save lots of Padm. Skywalker stories him to Windu however then modifications his thoughts and kills Windu by accident earlier than pleading his allegiance to the brand new Emperor.

After Anakins defeat on Mustafar, Palpatine finds him and has him put into the black armour he’ll spend the remainder of his life in. Upon the masks being pulled down, Vader asks the place his spouse is and whether or not she is protected. The Emperor lies to him and says that he killed her in his anger.

Bail Organa

While it isn’t explicitly stated, Bail Organa grew to become conscious of the connection when Padm went into labour. Being a buddy to her, he felt he owed her to maintain Leia protected. Also, early through the Clone Wars, Padm entrusts him to maintain Anakins lightsaber a secret from Cad Bane and his goons after they get caught up within the Senate Hostage Crisis. However, she didnt reply him when he requested whose weapon it was. However, he knew the reply when Anakin was pulled out in entrance of the senators unconscious.

An honourary point out we wished so as to add to this put up is Bails spouse, Breha, who her husband wouldve informed about their daughters lineage. However, this has not been 100% confirmed. Nevertheless, we embrace it due to Bails involvement in Leias adoption.

R2-D2 And C-3PO

Anakin and Padms wedding ceremony wouldnt be full with out their devoted droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO. Both droids would later serve the {couples} youngsters, Luke and Leia. So the droids had been properly conscious of the wedding.

The couple gave one another their respective droids as wedding ceremony presents. R2 was given to Anakin and C-3PO to Padm. However, after Anakins fall to the darkish aspect and Padms dying, the droids got here beneath the servitude of Bail Organa, Leias adoptive father. 3POs thoughts was erased to make sure he didnt blab about who Darth Vader was.

Owen And Beru Lars

While not 100 per cent confirmed, Anakins stepbrother and stepsister-in-law, Owen and Beru Lars, wouldve recognized to a level concerning the relationship. Weve Included them to the listing as a result of it wouldve been a no brainer as to who Lukes mom was. Either that or they selected to not ask questions concerning their nephews parentage.

Rush Clovis

Padms former boyfriend, Rush Clovis, is the second-last particular person on this listing. He had a few encounters with Anakin through the struggle, and it grew to become painstakingly obvious that Skywalker had emotions for the senator. However, its unknown if he pieced collectively in the event that they had been married.

Padms Security Team And Handmaidens Are Aware Of Secret

Finally, Padms safety staff and her handmaidens had been properly conscious of the key relationship. How else would they have the ability to clarify why Anakin stored exhibiting up on the condo if he stored claiming he was only a buddy? Were positive Obi-Wan wouldve gotten a kick out of that.

Whats extra, Padm wouldve been unable to cover her being pregnant with out the assistance of her handmaidens.


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