Why Hollywood Hypocrisy Rages On

We lastly discovered a method to make Hollywood, Inc. cease saying, “Don’t Say Gay.”

The business rallied round that Fake News narrative following Florida laws designed to guard Okay-Third graders from sexual instruction in public faculties.

Celebrity after celeb blasted the choice, with many repeating what they falsely claimed couldn’t be stated.

The fraudulent meme additionally made its manner into the Oscars ceremony, Hollywood’s largest night time.

Co-hosts Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes all repeated the “Don’t say gay” narrative at the beginning of the low-rated telecast.

A humorous factor occurred to this department of Hollywood activism. It didn’t forestall Warner Bros. from removing gay-themed dialogue from the latest “Fantastic Beasts” film to appease Chinese censors.

References to a homosexual relationship in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore have been edited out of the film by Warner Bros. for the movies launch in China. Only six seconds of the flicks 142-minute runtime have been eliminated. Dialogue that was edited out alluded to the romantic previous between male characters Dumbledore (Jude Law) and Grindelwald (Mads Mikkelsen). Harry Potter creator J.Okay. Rowling revealed Dumbledore was homosexual in 2009, however the motion pictures had by no means explicitly referenced the characters sexuality till this third Fantastic Beasts entry.

That information broke April 11, however 72-plus hours later Hollywood stays largely, if not totally, silent on the difficulty. No Tweets from celeb activists slamming the choice. No updates from Schumer, Hall or Sykes on their passionate situation.

None of that is shocking.

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Hollywood hypocrisy is the one fixed in La La Land. Box workplace grosses ebb and circulation. Stars who have been crimson sizzling yesterday discover their careers cooling at the moment. And actors routinely flash their skill to say one factor after which do the exact opposite.

Need examples?

  • Actors promote a inexperienced revolution however continuously burn extra power than most Americans. Others preach about Climate Change then hop on the nearest private jet.
  • They railed in opposition to President Donald Trump for placing “kids in cages” however fell silent when it occurred underneath President Joe Biden.
  • Actresses march in opposition to the Patriarchy however stand down when a fellow actress is fired for no good motive.
  • Stars flee states with strict abortion legal guidelines however look the opposite manner when studios play footsie with China, a vigorous human rights abuser.

That’s only a quick listing. The larger query stays. How do they get away with it, repeatedly?

It’s easy. They by no means, ever face repercussions for his or her hypocrisy.

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Most of that falls on the media’s ft. Reporters, each the laborious information selection and leisure scribes, not often if ever deliver up these conflicts. If a star made a pro-life speech on the Oscars, she or he would seemingly face a withering press pounding hours later.

If that very same star commits an act of nuclear-grade hypocrisy, nevertheless, those self same reporters will look the opposite manner.

Case in level?

How many reporters challenged Leonardo DiCaprio on his eco-lecture throughout the 2016 Oscar ceremony? It’s hardly a secret that the “Revenant” star doesn’t apply what he preach.

It’s simply the alternative.

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That would make a worthy query for the celebrity, no?

No, apparently.

The similar holds true for different Hollywood hypocrisies. Media varieties refuse to carry the highly effective to account for each deceit.

So when the business collectively ignores a serious studio erasing homosexual dialogue from a wannabe blockbuster it’s clear they received’t be challenged on the matter.

Why? There are two apparent explanations.

One, it could embarrass the celebs in query, little question. That might put the reporters’ entry to them in jeopardy shifting ahead. No extra puff items tied to their subsequent movie or streaming venture. And it might harm their ties to the studio in query.

Two, reporters typically agree with liberal actors and their progressive worldviews. So to embarrass them would harm the motion as an entire. And they’d moderately not do this.

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This lack of accountability extends past media corruption. Green power teams equally stand down over Hollywood’s eco-hypocrisy. Have any singled DiCaprio out for his eco-hypocrisy?

Similarly, GLAAD received’t publicly ask why Hollywood activists received’t communicate out in opposition to the “Fantastic Beasts” censorship?

Did Time’s Up howl at stars ignoring the sexual abuse allegation in opposition to then-candidate Joe Biden in 2020? Of course not. To be honest, the group routinely ignores Democrats behaving badly, particularly Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In reality, past conservative media shops noting the hypocrisy stars face no actual blowback for his or her actions.

That’s why we’ll hold seeing new variations of it for the foreseeable future.


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